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Sleep Apnea Treatment Arlington, VA

There are many sleep disorders related to oral health. It may be due to an oral condition if you are snoring or grinding your teeth when you sleep. Sleep apnea, bruxism and snoring can all affect your quality of sleep and health. Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions offers advanced snoring, bruxism and sleep apnea treatment for Arlington, VA, residents.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious breathing and sleep disorder. It occurs when the airway is blocked when you are asleep, stopping your breathing. Most sleep apnea is caused by the soft palate obstructing the airway in the back of the throat. It can result in poor sleep, snoring, headaches, daytime fatigue and risk for serious health complications.

At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions, Dr. Hye Park and our dental sleep specialists can provide non-invasive treatment solutions for sleep apnea. Many people with this disorder are uncomfortable using a CPAP machine due to its intrusive mask, hoses and noise. We offer alternatives to CPAP, including oral appliance therapy and laser treatments, which can relieve sleep apnea symptoms, improving your sleep and health.

Solutions for Snoring and Teeth Grinding

Do people in your home complain about your snoring? Do you have an aching jaw or damaged teeth from nocturnal teeth grinding? At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions near Arlington, VA, we can provide effective treatments to reduce snoring and protect your jaw and teeth from bruxism (teeth grinding). Snoring can be controlled by laser treatments that tighten the soft palate. Both snoring and bruxism can be treated with oral appliance therapy. We have the most advanced options in oral appliances that can be customized for personal use.

Oral appliance therapy may be covered under your health insurance if you have a sleep disorder. Our Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions team can help you utilize your insurance coverage to obtain a non-invasive treatment to improve your oral and overall health.

Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions is your source near Arlington, VA, for cutting-edge and innovative sleep apnea, snoring and bruxism treatments. Call our dental sleep center in Alexandria, VA to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve healthier sleep.

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