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If you have sleep apnea, you are at risk for serious health problems. Most health insurance covers sleep apnea treatment to combat health risks and prevent other medical complications. At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions, we offer non-invasive sleep apnea treatment options that are often covered by insurance and Medicare at our dental sleep center in Alexandria, VA.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition, and as such, approved treatments are usually covered by insurance. Many different treatments are available, from invasive CPAP machines and surgery to less invasive options like oral appliance therapy. At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions, we focus on non-invasive solutions for sleep apnea, including oral appliances that have been FDA-approved for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment. Most health insurance plans cover oral appliance therapy for OSA.

Insurance & Medicare Accepted for Sleep Apnea Treatment

At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions, we accept many forms of insurance as well as Medicare that can cover sleep apnea treatment. Our experienced team can work with you to determine the level of coverage your insurance provides for OSA treatment. Most oral appliances we use for sleep apnea treatment are FDA approved and covered by insurance plans. Most devices are designed to last for several years and have minimal ongoing costs once the appliance is created and adjusted.

Sleep apnea treatment can improve your health and well-being. If you have sleep apnea symptoms, it is worth the investment to seek diagnosis and treatment. At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions, we can investigate your insurance coverage for sleep apnea and help you get the most from your insurance plan. It may cover your visit to our office and a cutting-edge oral appliance that can relieve your OSA symptoms. We can help you limit your out-of-pocket costs for sleep apnea treatment while receiving the best therapy options for your sleep condition.

Dr. Hye Park and our dental sleep team at Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions are here to help you sleep better and feel your best. If you snore or have other sleep apnea symptoms, come see us for diagnosis and treatment options. We accept many insurance plans and Medicare that can cover part or all of your treatment for sleep apnea.

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