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Sleep Apnea Services

Obstructive sleep apnea affects millions of people, increasing risks for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. The interruption of breathing during sleep can be destructive to the body and cause headaches, fatigue and many other symptoms. At Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions in Alexandria, VA, we offer a wide selection of sleep apnea services to give our patients options for better sleep and health.

The first step when you believe you may have sleep apnea is diagnosis. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea such as snoring, morning headaches, high blood pressure or fatigue, it is imperative to have a sleep apnea test performed. Most people with sleep apnea can be diagnosed with a home sleep study. This non-invasive test measures your breathing while you sleep and determines if you have sleep apnea. The test can also help assess your sleep apnea level, which can range from mild to severe.

Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

If you are diagnosed with OSA, Dr. Hye Park and our Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions team can provide treatment options at our clinic near Alexandria, Arlington and Falls Church, VA. Our sleep apnea services include a variety of non-invasive treatments for OSA that can be alternatives to using a CPAP machine or requiring surgery. Our services include laser treatments for snoring and mild sleep apnea, which can help open the airway and reduce snoring. We also offer several FDA-approved oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment.

While CPAP machines are effective for treating OSA, they are very intrusive. Many people with sleep apnea struggle with wearing a mask at night and being connected to a noisy machine by hoses. Our non-invasive OSA therapies may help you sleep better and improve your sleep apnea symptoms, and many treatments are covered by insurance.

If you live in the Falls Church, Alexandria or Arlington, VA area and have sleep apnea symptoms, come see us at Northern Virginia Sleep Solutions. We offer simple, safe and effective treatments and services for our patients with sleep apnea – call us today to schedule your appointment for an OSA consultation.

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